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I examine handwritings in cases where fraud, forgery, falsification might be a factor. As a Forensic Document Examiner it is my job to determine whether a handwriting is authentic or forged.

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It is frequently necessary to determine if a particular handwriting is carried out by a certain person, as in cases of suspected fraud, forgery or falsification:


Wills, contracts, agreements, (travellers') cheques or other documents in cases where the authencity of the signature might be uncertain.


Anonymous letters (of intimidation) where I can identify or eliminate a particular suspected person.


Or a "friend" might use your signature for his own purposes

In such cases, as a handwriting expert and graphologist and with the proper material in hand I would be able to determine who has written the questioned document.

The material to be used for the examination consists of:


The questioned document, i.e. the signature or the textsample, which is to be determined


Material (samples of handwriting) for comparison, which if at all possible was written with no suspicion of future examination.

It must be ample and should (as a minimum) contain several of the same letters and figures as the text to be determined. It should also show the same type and style of handwriting: i.e. capitals and lowercase letters.

If the examination is a part of a forensic investigation it is recommended that original material is used. Photocopies should be used only in cases where the original material has be presented.

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